How to Get Transcripts if You Were Home-Schooled

Home schools are diverse when it comes to the style of . Some home schools promote “un-schooling,” where students are free to study as they wish, rather than following a rigid curriculum. Other home schools are strictly organized and courses are assigned credit hours based on difficulty. Some home schools function with the help of a correspondence , so students learn at home but receive credits from a government-run institution. Regardless of how your home school runs, you’ll need to provide a copy of your high school transcript when you apply to colleges. There are several ways to get a high school transcript for students.


1.Sit down with your parents or home-school teacher and create a list of courses you took in high school. You can refer to a professional transcript-creator guide if you need assistance determining what weighted grade you received in each class. Have your parents list each course name, the class duration, what grade you received in the course and how many credit hours the course was worth.
2.Submit your high school coursework to a professional transcript company, which can help make your readable and organized in a fashion that appeals to college admissions personnel. You will have to pay a fee for this service.
3.Contact the admissions department of your correspondence high school if you participated in long-distance learning from home. Some home-school students choose to learn from accredited institutions and these schools can provide you with a copy of your complete high school transcript. Note that some schools charge for this service.

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