How to Handle a Child’s Tantrum in a Kindergarten Classroom

Tantrums can occur quite often in a . are trying to see what their boundaries are and see how much they can get away with. As a teacher, you must try your hardest to let your students know that tantrums are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Let your students know what your expectations are so that tantrums do not occur frequently.


1.Remain positive. When your student begins a , tell him right away what you want him to do, rather than saying what you don’t want him to do.
2.Distract the as soon as the tantrum begins. If he is upset because somebody took the book that he wanted to read, find him a special book from a totally different part of the room. Removing him from the area and finding him an alternate book may be just what he needs to forget that he was having a tantrum.
3.State your expectations for behavior before every activity and lesson. Some children need a quick reminder — frequently — to remember what is expected of them.
4.Squat down or sit in a chair so that you are at eye level when a child is beginning to throw a tantrum. Without raising your voice, look the child in the eye and remind him of the behavior that you expect to see.
5.Move on after the tantrum is over. Do not keep discussing it and repeating how upset you are. Continue to give constant reminders so that this does not happen again.

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