How to Have a Labor Day Weekend Staycation

If the cost of gas and airline has you reconsidering serious this , there are plenty of ways to have fun without leaving your own community. By taking a “,” you’ll save money, avoid traffic and get a chance to truly appreciate what your own area and home have to offer. Here are some ways to prove “there’s no place like home.”


1.Try to “get away from it all” by unplugging your phone and staying away from your laptop. Make your home or yard more enjoyable by putting up a hammock or getting some affordable lawn furniture that you can kick back in.
2.Host your “dream barbecue” by breaking away from the old hot dogs and burgers and trying something more interesting. Seafood is great on the grill, as are veggies like zucchini and eggplant; shake things up a little and you might just discover a new favorite.
3.Indulge yourself in some small way-like getting a professional massage, taking a hot tub or trying a local restaurant you’ve always been curious about. Even with one splurge like this you’ll still be spending much less than a vacation would cost.
4.If you can afford it, consider spending a night at a hotel or campground in your area (or you can even camp in your own backyard). It will give you a totally different “outsider” perspective on your locale and make it feel like you’ve gotten away too.
5.Do an Internet search for “unknown” attractions in your area and visit one of them. It can be easy to overlook the diversions that are right around us, thinking of them as “touristy”-but they can still be a lot of fun!
6.Play “armchair” traveler by picking another culture and celebrating it with film, cuisine and activities. A “Spanish” fête for example, could include making paella and sangria, renting a cool flick from Spain (like “Volver”) and learning some Flamenco dancing moves.
7.Take it easy when it comes to work stuff like cleaning the yard or other household tasks. is about taking a break from work, not doing it!

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