How to Host an Oscar Party

The Academy Awards–the famed Oscars–offer a spectacle of no-expense-spared glitz and glam that has only been magnified by recent dire economic times. Regardless, millions of everyday people will tune in this year to find out whether James Cameron’s box office smash, “Avatar,” will triumph, or if ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker” will pull off the upset at the prestigious awards show. While it’s easy to be envious of celebrities and their glamorous lifestyles while you struggle to pay your bills, hosting an party will help you feel part of the Hollywood crowd, at least for one


Step 1

Send Oscar-themed invitations to guests with invites shaped like an awards envelope, sealed with a gold sticker. On the envelope, write “And the Oscar goes to…” Encourage guests to dress in Oscar attire. Since top designer clothing probably will not be an option, garments from a rental shop, thrift store or even a retail department store such as Macy’s would be sufficient. Encourage guests to arrive at least an hour before the awards show begins.

Step 2

Create a paparazzi atmosphere for guests by snapping digital or Polaroid pictures of them as they arrive. Try to emulate the look of the Oscar photos by imploring guests to strike a reserved, red-carpet-ready pose for the camera. Also, if possible, get a red carpet at a party store for use in the photos to make the scene look more authentic.

Step 3

Provide each guest with a ballot to predict the Oscar winners. Ballots can be obtained from the official Oscars site, or you can make your own. Ask each guest to complete a ballot before the show begins. Keep track of the number of correct predictions throughout the show.

Step 4

Make sure each guest has a seat with a clear view of the television. Figure out how many people will be attending the party before the show so seating arrangements can be determined. During commercials, keep guests entertained by playing an Oscar-themed trivia game.

Step 5

Serve an award-winning menu of appetizers and cocktails. Shrimp cocktail, fondue and chocolate-covered strawberries are great additions to the menu. For more budget conscious fare, try Trader Joe’s for possible party favors. As for refreshment needs, BevMo! is a one-stop shop for all kinds of drinks. Place the food and drinks in a central area where guests can help themselves during the awards show.

Step 6

Present an award to the guest who was able to correctly predict the most Oscar wins. The award should relate to the Oscar nominated films. Possible awards include a film DVD or a poster. Ask the winner to give an acceptance speech when receiving his or her award. Be sure to advise them not to make a boring speech by simply rambling off names of people to “thank”.

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