How to Hunker Down for a Hurricane

If you live in an area that is -prone or are visiting one, you should be aware of the weather at all times. The season is from June through November. If a storm occurs, you must know .” There is preparation required, and it could take several hours to complete all the steps.

1.Find a safe location. This varies with the strength of the hurricane and other storm conditions anticipated. Most homes will be considered a safe place, unless flooding or high winds are expected. Listen to the local authorities for evacuation notices. They will give these days in advance. When your home is not a safe location, find one that is. This could be a friend’s house or a motel.
2.Select a safe room in your house. When hurricanes occur, it is very likely to have tornadoes also. For this reason, you should designate a safe room. This is any room on the inside of the structure that does not have windows nearby. A bathroom or closet is a good safe room. If you do not have one of these, an inside doorway can be an alternative. Go to this area if a tornado is predicted.
3.Stock up on supplies you may need. Make sure you have the basic hurricane supplies recommended for each person. This should include both a NOAA battery-operated weather radio and a regular radio (or television). You can find out what else to include by going to the link provided in Resources for Disaster Supply Kit.
4.Stay in your secure location. It is very important to remain where you are, awaiting information from the local authorities that it is safe to leave. The majority of deaths caused by a hurricane happen after the storm has passed. Hunkering down means staying where it is safe until you are positive it is not dangerous to venture out.

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