How to Keep Guests Dancing at a Wedding Reception

All newly married couples want to remember their receptions as being a lot of fun for everyone. Nothing is worse and more awkward than having one hundred and fifty guests just sitting around being bored.This needn’t be a worry at your reception if you just follow the steps below. Your guests will not only dance the night away and have fun, but they will remember the occasion and will be talking about it for years to come.


Step 1
Think about having an open bar after dinner. Alcohol is not mandatory for having a good time, but most wedding receptions do have it. Of course you don’t want guests getting drunk, but a drink or two serves to loosen people up and take away inhibitions or shyness about getting up in front of a crowd of people and dancing.

Step 2
Hire a good band or DJ. There are two reasons this is important. The most obvious one is that they are very familiar with music and songs that get most people on their feet dancing, and they will be prepared to play them. The other reason which is more true of a DJ than a band, is that the good ones will act as emcees and will have certain traditional dancing activities planned. They will not only perform them but they also know get people up and moving. The truth is after you’ve had to get up and do group dances like The Chicken Dance, The Bunny Hop and The Hokey Poky, it’s less intimidating to just do regular dances later. In fact your guests will probably welcome them.

Step 3
Have some play props ready. Talk to your DJ if you’re having one, because sometimes they provide these. But, if not, a couple good ideas are hats and vests similar to what the Village People wore. You’ll always find a group who will wear these and act out a couple of their songs like YMCA.Other fun props would include plastic inflatable guitars, microphones and horns. People love to play air guitar and sing and dance to their favorite songs.

Step 4
You may also decide to have a karaoke machine at the reception. Not only will people sing and act out songs but they can help encourage other guests to dance to the music while they’re at the microphone.

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