How to Keep Hair Healthy in the Summer

The combination of chlorine and sun, as well as heat, humidity and salt, can wreak havoc on your . The following steps can help prevent damage and your hair all long.


1.Go green over the summer. Rather than using a damaging blow-drier, make use of the sun and let your hair air dry.
2.Wear your hair up in a sweet summer updo or classic ponytail. You will save styling time and damage, plus keep cool.
3.Before swimming, wet your hair. Cover it with a thin layer of conditioner and leave it in until you shower after your swim.
4.Always wash your hair after swimming. Rinsing chlorine or salt water from your hair as soon as possible will intercept extra damage. Wash with a clarifying shampoo, or rinse with white vinegar.
5.Have your hair trimmed regularly and use a deep conditioning treatment weekly. Your hair will love you for it.

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