How to Make a Tangerine Grapefruit Margarita

As the gains popularity, bartenders and home mixologists are putting their creativity to the test by inventing new variations on the drink. This fruity alternative adds the sweetness of tangerines and the tartness of to the traditional ingredients.

1.Combine four ounces of juice, four ounces of grapefruit juice, six ounces of tequila and two ounces of either triple sec or Cointreau.
2.Prepare two tall or four short glasses by putting coarse salt on a saucer. Run the flesh of a fruit slice around the rim of the glass and press the rim into the salt.
3.Add the mix and eight to ten ice cubes to a blender and mix until slushy for a frozen margarita. Pour into prepared glasses.
4.Prepare the glasses, add the ice and pour the mixture over it (without blending) for a margarita on the rocks.
5.Garnish each drink with a tangerine slice and a halved grapefruit slice.

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