How to Make Lavender Pillows

For some, the scent of in their helps them sleep better, cutting down on insomnia. Dried lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) flower heads emit a pleasing fragrance that lasts for months. Mixing the lavender with other herbs such as rosemary and mint, allows the pillow to give off even more fragrance. Making your own lavender pillow is rather basic and you only require a sewing machine and fabric to complete the project. They make good gifts for friends who enjoy aromatherapy so make two or three. Then you will have one to enjoy for yourself and others to give away.


1.Lay a piece of breathable fabric such as cotton, muslin or cheesecloth on a flat surface. Measure out two 6-inch square pieces and cut out. This is the inner pillow that holds the dried lavender.
2.Place the fabric pieces with their right sides facing each other and pin together. Sew three sides together and half of the forth side. Remove the pins, snip off any long threads and turn the pillow right side out.
3.Fill the pillow with approximately 1-cup of dried lavender flowers, as well as any other dried herb, if desired. Shake the flowers to the sewed end of the pillow.
4.Fold the open edge towards the inside of the pillow. Pin together and sew closed. The inner, lavender filled pillow is complete.
5.Lay a piece of fabric that you desire to cover the inner pillow with, on a flat surface. Measure out two 8-inch square pieces and cut them out. This creates the outer pillow that covers the lavender-filled inner pillow.
6.Fold one edge on each fabric piece toward the inside 1 inch. Pin down and sew a seam across the edge. This finishes the outer seam so it does not ravel.
7.Place the fabric pieces together with the right sides facing each other and pin the pieces together. Sew three sides together, leaving the finished side open. Turn the pillow right side out.
8.Space four snaps evenly across the inner sewn edge of the open seam and hand sew them in place. These will snap together and hold the lavender-filled, inner pillow in place inside the outer pillow.
9.Place the lavender-filled pillow inside the outer covering pillow. Snap the outer pillow together and fold the edge over. Slip the lavender-filled pillow inside your pillowcase on top of your sleeping pillow. The fragrance releases as you lay your head on the pillow.

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