How to Make Lipstick Stay on Longer

Ever applied your favorite shade of in the morning only to find that it’s almost completely gone by midafternoon? Join the club! According to “Real Simple” magazine, the creamy formulation of most stick lipsticks causes the color to fade and smudge easily. Use our must-have and tricks to keep your lipstick in place .


1.Prep your lips by gently buffing them with a damp washcloth or hand towel. The smooth surface enables lipstick to better adhere to the lips, according to “Glamour” magazine.
2.Apply lip balm or foundation to the lips and lip line, and blot with a tissue. Allow the lip balm or foundation to sink into the lips for a few minutes. Like lip balm, foundation helps to fill in fine lines and gives lipstick something to stick to.
3.Apply lip liner to give your lips an extra layer of pigment. Choose a liner that matches your lipstick and gently pencil around the lip line. Fill in the rest of the lips with the pencil and blot.
4.Choose bright or dark lipsticks over lighter ones. Bright lipsticks tend to have more pigment and therefore more staying power.
5.Apply lipstick directly from the tube instead of with a brush or with your fingers. “Real Simple” magazine notes that the natural oils on the fingertips may break down makeup formulas. Applying lipstick directly from the tube results in bolder color.
6.Blot the first layer of lipstick application with tissue and reapply. Use a light dusting of face powder to set the color.
7.Consider long-wearing lipstick that is designed to on longer. However, be aware that some long-wearing formulas can dry out the lips.

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