How to Make Money Today

So you need to make today … not tomorrow, not next week, but today. Whether there’s a debt you need to pay or food to buy, quick is key. In this case, long-term ideas and making online won’t cut it. Turn your savvy toward skills and contacts that will enable you to earn what you need right away. Here are some ideas to make today.


Step 1
Consider physical labor tasks that you could do for others and be paid for immediately.

Put an ad on CraigsList, such as “Handyman/ Heavy lifter. Local references, available today. $35/hour.” Include your cell phone number so that people can call you at any point during the day.

Contact local moving and delivery companies and ask if they need a day laborer. If one of their workers has called in sick, or their crew is short a man, you might be in luck. Insist upon cash that day, even if they have to record your wages for tax purposes.

Step 2
List several high-ticket items on CraigsList for immediate sale. Price them attractively, and offer same-day delivery or pick-up options to speed up the sale. Specify cash and carry.

Step 3
Work a shift as a waitress, waiter, bar tender, or doing pizza delivery. Even if you aren’t currently working in these capacities, find out if an old boss or a friend with a restaurant needs a hand. Tips are mostly cash, so you can earn money today by doing this.

Step 4
Sell things in front of your house if you get enough traffic. You can hold a yard sale if you have enough quality items to sell, or sell produce from your garden, fresh eggs, baked good, cold drinks, or whatever else would be in demand by passers-by.

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