How to Minimize Tan Lines

While many strive for that perfect sun-kissed tan, what people don’t usually strive for is the that can accompany it. Trying a few easy steps at home can help you embarrassing tan lines, while holding on to that golden summer look.

1.Mix about two cups of pure sea salt with a cup of almond or olive oil, then hop in the shower and use the grainy mixture to exfoliate skin. This will help remove dead skin cells and over time will decrease intensity of tan lines. You can do this daily or every other day to until tan lines are gone.
2.Dry off skin thoroughly, then apply a moisturizer with a touch of self tanner to tan lines. Some popular brands are Vaseline and Dove moisturizers with self tanner. They usually range from light tan to dark, so make sure you compare and pick the best for your specific shade of tan. For any facial tan lines, use a facial moisturizer with tint or just add a pinch of bronzing powder to your normal moisturizer.
3.Apply . If self tanner hasn’t evened out your tan lines enough to your liking, you can apply a powder . Do a light application, as you don’t want to end up making your tan lines darker than your actual tan. Don’t apply it anywhere you will be covering with clothing, as it can stain clothes and is unnecessary. You can also purchase a spray on which may be easier application.

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