How to Mix Bronzer with Moisturizer

Glowing skin is a great summer accessory for any skin shade or type, but the sun’s rays can be damaging. There are commercial products, like tinted moisturizers, on the market to mimic the effect of a tan, but you can achieve this natural look in a healthy way by mixing your everyday face or body with a .


1.Pour your moisturizer into a cosmetic jar. A jar can be found in most beauty supply or drug stores for only a few dollars.
2.Add a small amount of liquid bronzer into the same jar. The more bronzer you pour into the jar, the darker the tint produced by this mixture, so add it sparingly until you reach the desired color. If your bronzer is in powder form, scoop it out of its original package and into the jar of moisturizer using a spatula.
3.Stir the moisturizer and bronzer together using the spatula until it is a consistent color throughout.
4.Dip your fingers into the mixture to collect a dime-sized amount.
5.Apply the mixture liberally to the face and neck. If your shoulders and decolletage are exposed, apply it there as well.

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