How to Pass the Fourth Grade

presents unique challenges. As children enter the , they are expected to complete assignments in math, reading, science and other fields that are more advanced than those encountered during earlier years of schooling. The right approach can ensure that you successfully pass the and are prepared to handle future academic and social challenges.


1.Attend daily, unless you are sick. Falling behind, especially in subjects that you already find difficult, will make it harder to succeed in the fourth grade. If you attend class every day, you will never miss a homework assignment and will have regular access to the teacher to ask questions.
2.Organize your school materials. Losing your assignments and notes may facilitate obtaining bad grades and falling behind. Purchase a planner to keep track of appointments and due dates, and use a binder that you can organize into sections to monitor your schoolwork.
3.Find a tutor to help you with assignments you feel are especially difficult. Often, schools introduce more complex math topics on the fourth grade, such as long division and work with fractions and decimals. Ensure that you pass the fourth grade and that you do not miss out on skills you will need throughout your academic career by getting regular help from a tutor.
4.Participate in after-school programs that provide a quiet space for homework completion. Many schools or communities sponsor these programs, which are often free. Complete your homework during the after-school program and don’t hesitate to ask the room monitor for help.
5.Talk to your parents and siblings about your schoolwork. Ask them for help with your homework and show them the projects you are working on. Their involvement will help motivate you to succeed.
6.Make friends with children who are good students. Host a study party and ask them to teach you their study habits and to help you prepare for quizzes and projects. Surrounding yourself with studious peers will make it easier for you to forgo distractions and successfully pass the fourth grade.

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