How to Pick Back to School Shoes

When shopping for back-to-school , you may want one style and your child may want another. While your child may want the , you should remind her that comfort is key when buying new school . Look at your child’s wardrobe and determine her physical activities so you know what type of she needs before you head out to shop.


1.Have your child’s foot properly measured. The best way to know your child’s shoe size is to have her measured at a shoe store. Stride Rite is a shoe store chain that does foot measurement for children. It’s important to purchase the right-size shoe for your child to maximize comfort.
2.Decide what type of shoes your child needs. Does he need a pair of dress shoes? Sneakers? Casual shoes? All three? If your child has physical education classes, he will probably need a good pair of athletic shoes in addition to any other types of shoes that you may purchase. Look through your child’s school clothing and see what their style is. If your child has mostly dress clothes, he may need a pair of dressier shoes. If he mostly wears jeans or sweats, sneakers may be all that he needs.
3.Know your school’s rules. Some schools do not allow open-toed shoes for safety reasons. Others do not allow shoes with black soles to prevent scuffing on the floors. Schools that require uniforms may require specific shoes for your child.
4.Consider the comfort level. While dress shoes may look nice, they may not feel nice. Since your child will be in shoes all day, be sure they are comfortable. Slip-on shoes like Merrells are a great choice since they combine a shoe look with an athletic fit and design.
5.Think about the weather. If your child walks to school, you may need to invest in rain boots. If your school has outdoor recess in the dead of winter, chances are you’ll also need to buy a pair of snow boots.

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