How to Plan a Fun Date for Halloween

is a holiday where the impossible becomes possible and the unimaginable can happen. is for kids because of trick or treating, but what about the adults that aren’t taking their children out? Adults should be able to have some as well. Consider doing one of these great date ideas that are easy to plan and will help to ensure a great Halloween night.


1.Go on a haunted hayride. The places that offer the hayrides usually also offer food and beverages as well. It’s a fun couple of hours that will help to bright out your inner child.
2.Take a trip viewing various allegedly haunted public places that are listed online (see Resources). There are listings for every state. Simply viewing some of these places will cause chills to creep up your spine. Having that little bit of thrill adds some excitement to your date. Make sure to not trespass on these properties as most of them are private property.
3.Take a tour of a creepy place. There are many places that are allegedly haunted, or that are just plain creepy, that offer tours of their premises. On Halloween, it’s a great way to learn some history of various buildings and scare yourself (and your date) to pieces.
4.Visit the New York Village Halloween Parade. Well known around the world, it’s no wonder why. Just simply viewing it can be quite the experience. While it is a traffic hassle, it’s a free Halloween night for both you and your date. It also gives the both of you a chance to dress up in fun costumes.
5.Look for a costume ball in your area so that you and your date can dress up. There is an admittance fee, which can vary in price depending on what you get for your money. Some admission fees include an open bar, some include dinner, others just include the price to get in and the rest is up to you.
6.Head over to Fright Fest at Great Adventure. They’re open late, so it’s a fun time to spend a Halloween night with your date as you experience the ghosts and goblins that walk around.

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