How to Plan a Play Date for Your Child

When your child is young and is just starting to interact with other kids his own age, it can be very helpful to his social development to come up with play date ideas. Arrange play dates with his friends and help support social interaction with others. Many adults remember and are even still in contact with friends from preschool or kindergarten. Help your child build memories that will last a lifetime.


1.Choose a couple of friends that your child seems to interact with the most. Send a note to school for the children and share your thoughts about planning a play date. Another option is to have your child introduce you to the child’s parent when picking her up from school or daycare.
2.Discuss meeting somewhere where your child and his friend can have a fun time enjoying physical activities together. Some great ideas include the park, a pizza parlor or a fast food restaurant with a play area.
3.Once your child develops a friendship with another child outside of school, consider inviting the child over to your home. This will give your child a chance to show off her personal space and practice sharing her favorite toys.
4.Planning play dates for your child can help boost his confidence and develop a social life with other children his own age. Your child can learn to share, develop excellent social skills and have compassion for others.

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