How to Prevent Ice Storm Damage

Ice Storm storm damage is most likely to happen to two areas of your property—your roof and your trees. dams can form along the roof line on your home and damage the materials. As they move and slide off, dams can tear down your gutters. Trees are especially susceptible to the weight of on branches. When the branches break they can tear the bark and open the tree to disease and insect infestation. Preventing storm damage requires forethought—there’s little you can do once the storm strikes.


Step 1
Insulate your attic or crawl space. If the warm air in your house is rising into the attic, it will raise the temperature of the roof and cause the ice to start to melt. When it refreezes, an ice dam will form. Use insulation with a value of R38.

Step 2
Cover or insulate areas where warm air can escape into the attic, such as an access hatch or around ceiling light fixtures. Insulate heating ducts that go through the attic.

Step 3
Install weather-guard or weather-shield on your roof if you live in an area where ice storms are frequent. This material comes in rolls and is applied to the roof, eaves and in roof valleys. Weather-shield keeps water from penetrating through the shingles and damaging your roof.

Step 4
Prune your trees to keep them healthy and make them resistant to ice damage. Remove dead or damaged limbs. Prune branches that grow inward toward the center of the tree. Cut back branches that hang over your roof or are too close to power lines. Take down trees that are too damaged to save.

Step 5
Plant trees that are tolerant of ice storms. Check a garden store or the extension office to find out which ones are right for your area. If the tree will be tall when it’s fully grown, plant it 45 feet away from utility wires.

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