How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Control

It takes just a few steps to an using the Automatic Code Search method. While there may be some trial and error, the pleasure of getting rid of several extra controls will far outweigh the hassle in getting it programmed.


1.Turn on the component you want to program.
2.Press and release the component button on your remote that corresponds to the component you want the remote to operate (TV, VCR, etc.). The illuminated ON-OFF button will turn on and remain on.
3.Press both the component and the ON-OFF buttons. The illuminated ON-OFF button will turn off, and then will come back on.
4.Release both buttons after the ON-OFF button turns back on. The button should remain illuminated.
5.Press and release the PLAY button. If the component does not respond after five seconds, continue to press the PLAY button every five seconds until the component turns off.
6.Press and release the REVERSE button when the component turns off, then wait to see if the component turns on again.
7.Press and release the STOP button to save the new code.

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