How to Purchase Shoes

Buying is one of the stereotypical favorite pastimes of a woman. While she may not need help picking the most attractive shoe, she may lack the knowledge to choose the right fit. Our feet are extremely important and carry a lot of stress, so fitting them in the right is especially important.


1.Shop at the end of the day, when your feet are naturally more swollen. This guarantees that you won’t buy too small a size and complain at day’s end that your shoes feel too tight.
2.Don’t buy shoes based on looks or size alone. Sizes will vary by manufacture and walking around in them is the only way to ensure they fit and are comfortable. Standing in one shoe long enough to see how it looks in the mirror is not enough. Walk around the store, in both shoes, for a few minutes. If the back slides or your toes feel cramped, alter the size accordingly.
3.Talk to a sales clerk about the best fit for your arch and size, including the width. Have him measure your foot. Although it’s usually unnoticeable, one foot is usually somewhat larger than the other. Buy to fit the larger foot.
4.Head to the register and pay for your new, perfectly-fitting shoes!

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