How to Remove Someone Else’s Paint From Your Car

cleanSome of those harmless fender benders turn out to be nasty after all, leaving a small mark on your which miraculously matches the color of the other . Removing it will either be a very easy task or an impossible one, depending on the damage. try to turn back time?


Step 1
All “scratch removers” are car polishes, bottled into smaller bottles to increase the price. Any car polish will do, so buy one, they the top layer of color coating, acting like sandpaper. If the scratch is deep, go to Step Four. If the scratch is both deep and big, go to Step Eight.

Step 2
Apply the polish to the scratched area with your fingertips (or a wet cloth for bigger areas), don’t rub it in. Leave until dry, usually 5-10 minutes. When you can wipe it off with your fingertip without it smearing, it’s dry.

Step 3
Use a soft dry cloth to rub off the polish, keep rubbing in circular motion and applying force until the scratch is gone. If the scratch didn’t disappear, repeat the process up to five times. Anything more than that, and you’ll start damaging the base layers of the .

Step 4
If the car polish didn’t work, then the other car’s paint is as deep as your car’s paint. You’ll have to take a different approach and paint the area.

Step 5
Call your car dealer and tell them the code of your car’s color. They’ll probably have a lipstick (looks exactly like it) with the color you requested. If they don’t, go to a mall, or car parts dealer, or a professional car painter.

Step 6
Apply the lipstick to the damaged area, leave until dry. Take note that your car’s color was affected by the sun, acid rain, smog and other things, so the color will never ever be a perfect match. Even if it’s exactly the same color the guys use to manufacture your car.

Step 7
To fix the color mismatch, apply few layers of the lipstick (leaving until dry every time – a few hours), polishing the big area after 24 hours, to smear the old color onto the new color.

Step 8
If that didn’t work or the scratch is really deep and really big, visit a professional car painter, there’s nothing more you can do unless you’re a skilled car painter yourself.

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