How to Repair a Shoe Sole

Even expensive, high-quality can develop problems from normal wear and tear, like an encounter with a dog, or from the winter weather. If the sole of your shoe has started to separate, it makes more sense to the shoe than to replace it. The best way to damaged shoe soles is with a strong adhesive. Some adhesives are designed specifically for specific shoe materials. Others are multipurpose adhesives that work on many different surfaces. Maintaining regular shoe maintenance will also help reduce the damage to your shoes.

1.Remove any stitching at the toe of the shoe with a craft blade. Pull back the sole as far as it will go.
2.Lay down newspaper to protect your work surface.
3.Clean both surfaces of the with rubbing alcohol and a white cloth. A clean, old sock that has been cut open works well for this.
4.Sand both surfaces of the shoe sole with medium sandpaper.
5.Follow the instructions for the adhesive you plan to use. Pay careful attention to any precautions recommended by the manufacturer. Some adhesives give off powerful fumes, so work in a well-ventilated area if you’re using a strong chemical adhesive.
6.Spread the adhesive on both surfaces of the shoe sole with a palette knife or other flat tool. Work the adhesive into the crevices of the sole. Use a citrus-based cleaner to remove any adhesive that gets in the wrong place.
7.Place the sole back on the shoe, and put the shoe on a piece of newspaper.
8.Cover the shoe with a plastic bag and place a heavy object, such as a large book, on top of it. Ensure that the object you place on the shoe has enough weight to press the shoe and sole together firmly. Add more weight if necessary.
9.Allow the glue to dry for 48 hours.

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