How to Replace Windshield Wipers

While it may seem difficult at first glance, changing the windshield wiper blades on most modern cars is quite easy. Often a trip to your local auto parts store and a few minutes of instillation time is all it takes to be on your way.


1.Purchase the correct replacement blades for your car. Be sure to buy the entire blade, not just the rubber insert strip.
2.Read the package instructions. Generally the left and right blades will be different. If they are not marked you can match them up by visually comparing them to the worn blades on your vehicle.
3.Pull the wiper blades on your car to the “up” position. Consult your owner’s manual, as some newer vehicles have a special procedure for moving the blades to the “up” or “service” position.
4.Remove the old wiper blades from the arms by releasing the tabs typically found on top of the blade. Older vehicles may require a small screwdriver to help you release the tab.
5.Install the new blades by clicking them into place. Push the blade arm tabs back into the “down” or “locked” position to secure the new blades.
6.Make sure the blades are securely locked into place before returning the wipers to their original positions.

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