How to Save Money on Dates

While the purpose of dating can be different depending upon your personal goals, it’s never a bad idea to remain conscious of how much you’re spending. Even if is not an issue for the person you’re seeing, there are ways of protecting what is yours without being seen as cheap or miserly. You can on without sacrificing a good time.


1.Limit your alcohol intake to a bare minimum. Although it’s tempting to drink to loosen up on a date, it’s easy to overspend on pricey beverages. Having a water instead will also help keep you alert and bright-eyed no matter how late it is.
2.Make a lunch date instead of a dinner one. Most restaurants have generous lunch specials that help you a considerable amount of money simply for dining earlier in the day.
3.Rent a movie or watch one you already own in lieu of going to a movie theater. Not only is watching a movie at home more comfortable and affordable than doing so in a theater, but it’s also more conducive for interacting with your date without the risk of disturbing others.
4.Don’t be embarrassed to “go Dutch” on dates. It takes the pressure of wondering who will pay for what off of both of you. This will also help you avoid potentially awkward situations in which one person is financially unable to foot the entire bill for two.
5.Schedule an active date in which the purpose is healthy living. Going for a hike, a walk in a nearby park or a bike ride are all affordable ways of spending time with your date, as well as staying in shape.

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