How to Style Floral Dresses to Look Retro

Spring is about the birth of new trends, but prints are always in . For a classic take on the print that continually reinvents itself, use -inspired accessories or choose a dress with large, printed flowers for a fun and festive look.

How can you embrace a retro outfit? Retro fashion is modeled after an earlier era, usually with a modern take on the trend. From flapper from the 1920s and 30s, to the floral halter of the ’50s, you can find a retro style to suit your body type and sense of style. Often, retro clothing is bought vintage, but you can create a retro look from any garment, whether it’s new or old, especially if it’s a feminine floral patterned dress.


1.Select a lightweight cotton floral dress with a bold pattern. Retro floral dresses often feature large, bold patterns. Floral retro dresses are also typically characterized by a tight, moderately revealing bodice, in halter, short-sleeve, or three-quarter length form. The skirt should be full or flare into a swing skirt, resting just below the knee.
2.Add a belt. Wrap a sash belt, skinny belt or scarf around your midriff, right at, or slightly above, your belly button. Depending on your floral color scheme, you could pair a skinny, brightly colored belt, like cherry-red patent leather. If you want something more soft and flowy, you could use a sash and tie it in the back.
3.Pair your dress with a tiny, vintage, unbuttoned cardigan. Be sure to use a complementary color or neutral that will work well with the pattern of your dress.
4.Utilize large faux flowers. Pin a large flower to the top corner of your bodice or place a faux flower in your hair. If it won’t stay, glue it to a headband.
5.Top off your floral dress with retro accessories. Pair your retro-style dress with vintage pumps. Pin a small brooch or pin to your cardigan. By today’s standards, some retro jewelry was considered gaudy. Made of silver and gold, the jewelry of the 40s and 50s featured colorful rhinestones and faux pearls. Adding ornate items will dress up your outfit.

If you want something more simple, wear a string of pearls. Finally, trade in your handbag for a small clutch or tiny, beaded or metallic evening bag to complete your retro-inspired style.

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