How to Throw a Surprise Destination Bachelorette Party

Put a twist on the typical and whisk the bride-to-be away to a bachelorette party. Pack up the veils, wild party games and wild party guests and hit the road. Make the night or weekend the bachelorette party of her dreams.


Step 1
Tell the bachelorette to mark out a specific weekend for her bachelorette party. Advise her that she should leave the entire weekend open for her bachelorette party.

Step 2
With the other bridesmaids, choose a destination for the bachelorette party. Fun cities for wild bachelorette parties include Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Miami. Then, book two hotel rooms (more or less depending on the number of women in attendance). After you’ve chosen your destination and booked the rooms, pick a theme for the event and plan an itinerary. Once you have done this, send out an evite to all party guests. Of course, do not sent an invitation to the bride-to-be. Let all guests know that this party is top secret and the bachelorette has no idea where she will be headed.

Step 3
Head to a sex toy shop that sells goodies for bachelorette parties. Pick up a few games, entertaing novelties, a veil, shot glass ring, spinning shot button, and anything else you think will enhance the party. Grab something for all of the party guests that shows that they are a part of the bachelorette party, such as caution tape or boas. Make sure that you grab items that go along with the theme of the party as well. Pack these items in your suitcase.

Step 4
Order a sheet cake to take with you or pick up at your destination. Come up with a clever slogan for the cake. Then, check with the hotel to see if they have any special packages for bride to be. Treat her to a spa treatment, like a mani/pedi, when you arrive at the hotel.

Step 5
On the day before the bachelorette weekend, tell the bride what she should pack. For example, if you’re going to Miami, tell her to bring sundresses, bathing suits, flip flops and a hot dress for the night of the event.

Step 6
Before you arrive to your destination, do your research. You should already have table reservations and guest lists secured for all restaurants, clubs and strip clubs you plan to go to.

Step 7
It is your choice when you want to let the bachelorette in on her secret getaway, but try to keep it going until the day of the event at least. If you’re driving her somewhere, try not to tell her where you’re going until you arrive at the destination. When you arrive, party like a rock star all weekend or day long.

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