How to Where to Donate a TV

There are many organizations and charities that could benefit from a donation of your , and the best places to start looking are your local chapters and organizations. Some charities will use your donation directly, while others will sell your at a discount and apply the income toward community-outreach programs.


Step 1
a to an abused women and children charity. Most organizations that help abused women and children have safe houses, or temporary shelters for those seeking protection. Charities use televisions in these shelters to help entertain and provide good cheer.

Step 2
Donate a TV to your local public school. Because of overcrowding and education cuts, schools are continuously tight on supplies. Donating a TV to a school will provide teachers with an expensive educational resource that normally would be beyond the school budget. Teachers can use a TV to share and discuss quality educational videos and DVDs with students. A television could also serve as a computer monitor. With a simple hard-drive hookup, students will also be able to participate in video conferencing, video podcasts and other stimulating projects.

Step 3
Donate a TV to the local chapter of the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Both charities will sell your TV at a discount at their thrift stores. Thrift-store income benefits adult rehabilitation and employment-training programs run by both institutions. The Salvation Army and Goodwill can come to your house to pick up your TV. Call your local chapter to arrange a convenient time and date.

Step 4
Donate a TV through FreeCycle. FreeCycle is an Internet-based nonprofit organization that allows users to give away items for free. Users who are interested come from all walks of life and can simply reply to your post by e-mail. You can easily arrange for your TV to be donated to someone in your local area, who will come and pick it up.

Step 5
Donate a TV to your local religious organization. If you belong to a church, temple or mosque, you can donate your TV for use in its religious-education programs or missionary outreach work.

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