Human-powered Car Can Reach Speed of Up to 60mph

After about forty years of developing a perfect - vehicle, engineer Charles Greenwood has finally come up with a hand- hybrid that has a top of up to 60mph. It can seat up to four people: when there’re all four people on the travel, the can run based on the human power; but when there’re fewer passengers, it can also use electric battery power for a better performance. So the can be more eco-friendly when there’re more people driving it. Good news is that you’ll soon see this on the road, as the HumanCar Imagine PS is expected to be on sale next year for £10,000 and the company has received 100 pre-orders. Till then, the Imagine PS will also has a touch-screen display with GPS and biometric data logging, computer, communications systems and other advanced equipment. So do you want one, too?

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