Ideas for Happy Marriages

Having a happy means ensuring the well-being, excitement and functionality of a relationship. Maintaining a successful can be difficult, but is attainable with time and effort. Keep your happy and healthy by respecting your spouse’s feelings, communicating as often as possible and by making life easier for one another.

Accept Sacrifices

Putting your partner’s happiness and feelings before your own will lead to a marriage that is happy and functional. If you are selfish and not willing to make sacrifices for your spouse, you can create unhappiness and displeasure in your marriage. Sacrifices are not always significant and can be big or small. For example, planning a vacation to your spouse’s favorite city that you may not necessarily like, is a nice way to show him that his happiness matters.
Be Kind

Living with your spouse and spending time together will emphasize habits that may annoy you. For example, leaving dirty dishes in the sink or not squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube may drive you crazy. The key to a happy marriage is to overlook the irritating small issues because there may be bigger issues to worry about. If your spouse has a habit that annoys you, but is not hurting anyone — do your best to ignore it.
Share Responsibilities

For some couples, sharing household responsibilities is the number one secret to a happy marriage. Although it is unlikely that your responsibilities will be completely equal, try to make sure that one partner does not feel that they are taking on more responsibilities than they can handle. Divide domestic responsibilities fairly by rotating chores and doing the not-so-favorable chores together. Sharing responsibilities will help to create a bond and a feeling of accomplishment.
Open Communication

Communicate any problems, concerns or with your partner to keep the lines of communication open. Failure to inform your partner of something that is bothering you can lead to unhappiness, which can be avoided by having a discussion about the problem. Tell your spouse what’s bothering you, and how you feel as often as you can. You will be one step closer to maintaining a happy, healthy marriage. Understand that in every relationship, you will have differences that are irreconcilable; the idea is to come to terms with your differences and accept them.

Be unpredictable in order to keep your marriage exciting and fun. Maintaining a routine that never changes can lead to boredom, and the desire for more. Keep your relationship stimulating by doing something unexpected such as planning last minute vacations, purchasing surprise gifts or doing unexpected favors.
Balance the Negatives with Positives

A long-lasting marriage requires understanding your partner’s needs and wants. If you feel you’ve made a negative impact on your spouse, make some positive gestures to balance it out and make up for it. Take responsibility for creating the positive atmosphere that will help your marriage thrive. For example, if you forget to do the dishes on Monday night, do a few extra chores on Tuesday night to compensate for your lack thereof on Monday.

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