Ideas for Manicures

A can really change up your look. A creative polish can inspire a funky, classy, or retro vibe. The best part is that a mani is non-committal. You can repaint your manicure as often as you like and always try something new. Cute, trendy manicure ideas are always available, and the options are limitless when you consider all of the colors, embellishments and designs. A little creativity goes a long way. Show your style by doing your own nails, or hitting up the salon with a picture of what you want.

Cherry Bombs

This look is perfect for someone who wants to try something new, but isn’t ready to go to wild with color and embellishment. This is still a classic and clean look, but with a fun detail. Two cherry stickers are pressed onto the thumb nail (if you have a steady hand, you can paint the cherries on the thumb). The thumb nail and the rest of the nails are painted with a clear lacquer adding a clean bright shine. Very similar to the French manicure, glitter polish is added to the tips. The effect is beautiful, shining glittering nails with a pop of color.

Paint your nails two different colors. Choose something subtle like glitter polish with pale pink, or go bold with yellow with blue polish. Paint one color in a straight diagonal line across the nail bed. This requires a steady hand, so ask a friend to help you with when painting your dominant hand. Allow the polish to dry, then add the other color to the other side. The color choice is really what makes this idea stand out; it can be classic-looking or trendy.
Minx Decals

This option is applied by a professional in a nail salon for those who seek the latest trends in nail art. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have both sported Minx decals. These decals are like stickers, and are applied to the nails using heat to adhere them. They come in a variety of colors and prints. There are many design options to choose from: animal print, floral, plaid, shiny foil metal colors, polka dots, and flag.

Neon polish is a very popular manicure choice for the summer. The bright bold colors stand out against a tan. These colors look best on short, trim nails; it comes across as bold and cool. These colors on long nails may not be as appealing, as they might look fussy and overdone. It is no longer in style to match your manicure with your pedicure, so mix up the colors. If you color your fingernails neon pink, then do your toes in neon blue.

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