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Italy’s slow Internet set for reboot

Italy’s slow Internet set for reboot

IMM Hydraulics, a small exporter of hoses for industries such as agriculture and mining, is the kind of firm that should be at the center of Italy’s efforts to rekindle its stagnant economy. Instead, the company, [...]

Italy Men’s Fashion: Fall Tips

Italy is known as much for its fashion as it is for its food. Each year in Milan, the hottest Italian designers, from Prada to Gucci, show off the latest looks in menswear. Classic Italian style [...]

The Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera Travel Guide Like the family jewels that bedeck its habitual visitors, the Italian Riviera is glamorous, but in the old-fashioned way. The resort towns and coastal villages that stake intermittent claim on the [...]

Southern Europeans, Diet of

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and southern France make up the region known as southern Europe. Southern France is included because it is culturally similar to the rest of southern Europe. Greece is often grouped with eastern [...]


The diplomatic drift towards war: AD 1890-1914 In the years leading to World War I there are five major powers within Europe – Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, France and Britain. The cast list is unchanged since the [...]


Founding refugees: AD 568 When the Lombards invade Italy, in 568, one of the first cities in their path is Aquileia – a Christian town of long-standing importance, traditionally held to have been founded by St [...]


Hub of the Mediterranean: 8th c. BC – 8th c. AD Sicily, a large fertile island at a pivotal point in the Mediterranean, is one of the world’s most desirable patches of land. Colonized by Phoenicians [...]


Rome before the republic: from the 8th century BC The Tiber is a natural barrier across the land route which runs up and down the west coast of central Italy. The first place upstream at which [...]

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