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Why Apple didn’t launch the iPhone 5

Apple debuted its long-awaited, next-gen iPhone yesterday. But it wasn’t the iPhone 5. Rather, Cupertino launched the iPhone 4S. While lacking an external redesign, the iOS-powered smartphone features a powerful dual-core A5 processor, upgraded camera and [...]

Google set to launch mobile payment system

Google’s believed to be ready to launch its long-rumored mobile payment system for Android this week. Based on near-field communication (NFC) the ‘mobile wallet’ system would allow customers to pay for goods by simply waving their [...]

Playbook launch day sales may be as high as 50,000

Projections show good news for the Blackberry tablet. Research in Motion needs the Playbook to bring the entire company back to relevance in this ever-changing mobile market, and RBC Capital Markets says it may be well [...]

Google could launch Chrome OS for the masses at I/O 2011

Google may be preparing to officially launch its web-centric Chrome operating system for the masses at I/O 2011 during the second week of May. The company recently introduced a number of different “channels” to the OS, [...]

Iran claims launch of flying saucer

Iranian scientists are claiming to have build a functioning flying saucer, state news service Farsnews reports. As you’ll see from the photograph, they’re a little further behind in the development of a functioning camera. But Farnas [...]

Japan’s iPad 2 launch delayed

Japan certainly has other things on its mind right now, and so as not to trivialize the recent natural disaster there, Apple has decided to push back the release of the iPad 2 in that country. [...]

Comcast to launch own 3D channel

Anyone who uses Comcast as their cable TV provider will find a new channel added to their lineup in two days, as the carrier will launch its own, 24/7 3D TV station called Xfinity 3D. The [...]