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Smoking Linked to More Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Men with prostate cancer who are cigarette smokers at the time of their diagnosis are much more likely to die of the disease or experience a recurrence than nonsmokers, including former smokers who kicked the habit [...]

Coffee Linked to Lower Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer

Men who drink a lot of coffee might feel a bit jittery or high-strung, but those side effects may come with a hidden benefit: prostate health. According to a new study, drinking six or more cups [...]

Rising PSA Count Not Good Indicator of Prostate Cancer Risk, Study Finds

A rising PSA level isn’t such a good predictor of prostate cancer after all and can lead to many unnecessary biopsies, says a large new study. Most men over 50 get PSA blood tests, but they’re [...]

Dog Prostate Cancer

All intact (not neutered or not castrated) male dogs are more prone to prostate problems as a result of the effects of testosterone (male hormone) on this gland over time. The testosterone most commonly leads to [...]