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a that fits you like a glove by incorporating themes, colors and textures that match your personality and highlights of your life. Feature accents that express your love by shades or purple by placing lavender stalks in a vase on your dresser and other areas within your . Display treasures that you collect from vacations on the wall or shelves like a vintage painting, antique vase or large seashells.

Theme Ideas

Choose different themes for specific bedrooms or select colors schemes and themes that blend well together for adjoining dining and living rooms. A flowery romantic room with hanging dried flowers, decorative art and antiques can work well in a master bedroom. Nautical, animal or cartoon themes can suit the interests of your children. Choosing themes throughout the house can create variety and individual expression among family members. Some themes can also go well in a dining or living room such as a French country, Southwestern or old-fashioned cottage theme. Wine and grapes, citrus or flowery themes also blend well in a kitchen.

Choose furniture that matches the style or theme in the room. The wrong furnishings can off set the room by creating too much contrast. Feature dark cherry wood furniture in a French country room. White wooden beds and dressers work in a nautical kid’s room. Oak furniture can work with almost any type of theme. The color of the couch also matters. An old-fashioned Victorian style couch matches a French country room and a leather burgundy couch blends with a Southwestern room.

Plants can add more color and life to any room in the house. Choose non-poisonous plants if you have small children or animals that might eat the foliage. Place large potted plants in an empty corner or put spreading plants like ivy above your kitchen cabinets. Put plastic grapes above your cupboards with your ivy plants for added decor. If you live in the desert, you might want to feature miniature cactus plants or sun-loving African violets on your kitchen window sill.
Table Decor

Choose table decor that matches the season or theme in the room. Decorate your living room coffee table, dining room table and kitchen table with different types of centerpieces and change these periodically. Feature fall flowers surrounded by miniature pumpkins in the fall and colorful arrangements in the spring. Choose decorative vases to put flowers in or add new life to old an vase by gluing pressed flowers, small pebbles or colorful pieces of chipped tile to the exterior of the vase. Decorate with flowers or other types of decor such as sculptures or a large bowl filled with potpourri.

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