Jacinda Barrett Biography (1972-)

A crossover reality television star who memorably appeared on MTV’s Real World: London before being launched to stardom thanks in part to a People Magazine poll that named her one of the “Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World” two short years later, earned her keep as a model before venturing into the world of film in the 1997 teen screamer Campfire Tales. A native of Queensland, Australia, Barrett appeared in a trio of independent efforts in the years following her Real World appearance, later moving on to television roles in Hercules, Millennium, and Bull before returning to features with a role in the 2000 horror sequel Urban Legends: The Final Cut. While Barrett’s early roles may not have necessarily appeared the ideal training ground for a future in high drama, subsequent performances in such serious-minded efforts as The Human Stain and Ladder 49 showed an whose beauty was apparently matched by her talent. A supporting role in the 2004 comedy Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was followed by a turn as a French heiress in the 2005 thriller Ripley Under Ground, and soon after taking a tumble in the blockbuster 2006 remake Poseidon, Barrett would once again venture into familiar territory opposite Zach Braff in the romantic comedy drama remake The Last Kiss.

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