Jessica-Jane Clement Biography (1985-)

is a Sheffield born , and model.

Born 24th February 1985, Jessica-Jane started dancing at the tender age of two.

By five she was training five nights a week in ballet, tap, jazz, Hip-Hop and gymnastics. By age fourteen, Jessica-Jane’s talent created new opportunities for her in the entertainment world, and starred in her first short film.

After studying acting, Psychology and Dance at College, Jessica-Jane was offered a place at the prestigious institution, Dartington College of Arts (DCA). Before making the move to the South West, however, Jessica-Jane won a beauty competition and was quickly signed up to a top London-based modelling agency.

At eighteen, Jessica-Jane decided to defer her place at DCA for a year and move to London where she quickly started making a name for herself as a ‘lads mag’ favourite and dancer in numerous music videos.

Within a year, Jessica-Jane had worked with many photographers, including the late Bob Carlos Clark on his exhibition and editorial ‘Love Dolls Never Die’ and Byron Newman who shot her for American Playboy. As well as the modelling, Jessica-Jane took on several presenting, TV and film roles including Empire Productions’ Mousakka and Chips’ and MTV’s ‘Road To Hell’. She decided to let her place at DCA go.

Just before turning twenty, Jessica-Jane won the role of head ‘WAG’ Cindi Marshall in Sky One’s football series ‘Dream Team’. A few months after landing the role in Dream Team, Jessica-Jane was also chosen to be the ‘Sexy Swindler’ in The Real Hustle, and has been delighted to be a part of the team ever since.

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