Liana Liberato Biography (1995-)

Liana Daine Liberato was born on August 20, 1995 in Galveston, Texas. She started taking classes with Broadway Bound when she was only three years old. Liana’s first big role was in twenty-six show run of Galveston: The Musical when she was seven. In 2004, Liana and her family had to travel to Los Angeles for a family emergency. While Liana was in LA, her mother enrolled her in a week-long acting camp. At this camp, managers and agents were invited to attend a special showcase. Liana’s talents were quickly recognized by Jean-Marc Carre from Central Artists Inc. The agent asked the Liberatos to move to Hollywood and offered Liana representation. After a lot of thinking and persuasion from Carre, the Liberatos packed their bags and headed to Hollywood.

Liana and her mom found an apartment in Hollywood Hills, just around the corner from the Hollywood sign. The Liberatos arrived on a wednesday and on thursday Liana had her first audition for the hit show Cold Case. Liana booked the role the very next day! Liana’s next audtion was for CSI: Miami. Liana didn’t hear back for a few days. Her dad was there that weekend and said he remembers Liana spent a lot of time in tears that weekend. After she was expecting the worst, Liana finally got a call from her agent. Liana would have to dye her hair brown for the role. She spent six days shooting Cold Case and eight days shooting CSI: Miami. During the shooting of Cold Case, Liana didn’t see the disturbing scenes. She didn’t see anything until she watched her episode on TV. When she was shooting the scene, Liana was looking at a blank screen. The tears were all an act.

Liana’s next audition was an unsuccessful one. While working on CSI: Miami, Liana landed another auditon for a situation comedy. The producers liked Liana but in the end, opted for an actor who was closer to the age of the character.

Around the same time, Liana landed the role as “Dina Presley” in The Inside where she plays a young girl holding an F.B.I agent captive in the woods.

Liana was featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine in 2006. The cover story was titled “Hollywood Elementary.” Liana was one of the several aspring young actors interviewed and observed over the course of a few days.

In 2007 Liana played the lead role of “Cadi Forbes” in the Fox feature film The Last Sin Eater. Michael Landon Jr., the director, says that Liana was “an absolute find.” Liana recieved excellent reviews for her performance as Cadi and began to gain more recognition. In the same year, Liana booked the role of “Pip Mackenzie” in the movie adaptation of the novel Safe Harbour by Danielle Steel. While filming, Liana’s costar Melissa Gilbert became very protective of Liana. Bill Corcoran, the director, also grew very fond of Liana. He said, “It’s unusual to find an Liana’s age, who can actually play her own age realistically. Usually, you have to cast someone several years older. Liana has both the maturity to work hard and the freshness to play eleven. She’s fantastic.”

In 2008, Liana booked a role in the hit medical drama House M.D. In the first scene, her character falls from a rock-climbing wall after her mother let the rope slide through her hands. Liana says, “actually only fell part of the way, about four feet, then they caught me.” After that, Liana had a stunt double. Liana grew very fond of her costar Hugh Laurie. She says that he is “hilarious in real life.” After appearing on the show, Liana became hooked.

Liana has also made an appearance in Miley Cyrus’ latest music video 7 Things. She stars as one of the girls in the video, angry and frustrated at their ex boyfriends.

In October 2009, Liana booked a huge role in a film called Trust. The film costars Clive Owen and Catherine Keener as parents of a 14-year-old girl (Liana) who has been victimized by an adult posing as a teenager in an online chatroom. The filming is to begin in November 2009 in Michigan. Liana’s role is this film will be largely gain her more recognition.

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