Linda Park Biography (1978-)

has gone to a lot of school; acting school, stage combat school, dance school, language school – to name a few. The only BFA she was able to get from all that schooling was a BFA in acting at Boston University. She got some kind of a paper certificate at RADA. She hopes to go back to school someday, possibly a farming school where she would live on a farm and wake up at the crack of dawn to milk and feed things.

Shortly after moving to LA post graduation, she landed the role of communications officer Hoshi Sato on Star Trek’s Enterprise. Being Korean herself she showed her range by playing a Japanese woman. She also got to scream. A LOT. Going to school really did pay off.

While she was busy fighting aliens she produced a short film with Gene Hong titled “My Prince, My Angel”. She also co-produced and starred in “Roger and Vanessa” with Tom Hardy. The play was written by Brett C. Leonard and premiered in London at The Latchmere 503 with Rob Delamere directing.

After her time in space ended, she headed east to be dramatic and what could be more dramatic than playing Clytmnestra in the basement of a church off Christopher street? This production of Agamemnon was directed by Gisela Cardenas and done by The Vortex Theatre Company.

Back in LA she started work on the NBC drama “Raines”. She played Michelle Lance, an LAPD Detective and one of the boys. She got to wear a bullet proof vest, hang out at the LAX firing range and battle ballet moves with Jeff Goldblum. It was a lot of fun. Sadly the fun came to an early end.

Next she headed for Bulgaria to film “Infestation” as the character LeeChee and acquired a small arsenal of Bulgarian phrases. Mielko suss ledd?

Shortly after she jumped on board “Women’s Murder Club” as Denise Kwon.

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