Lindsay Sloane Biography (1977-)

Born in 1977, enjoyed a series of assignments during her adolescent years, including a stint on The Wonder Years (as Alice Pedermeir, the girlfriend of high schooler Chuck Coleman) and another on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In her early years, she found herself somewhat typecast in playing the quirky best friends of female lead characters, but shortly after her 20th birthday, she aggressively changed her image (by virtue of rhinoplasty) and scored a key role as a cheerleader, Big Red, in the farcical sports comedy Bring It On  (2000). Following enlistment in a couple of very short-lived television series (the 2000 Grosse Pointe and the 2001 Going to California), and an assignment as Albert Brooks’ daughter in the comedy remake The In-Laws (2003), Sloane chalked up a series of parts in big-screen outings, including In The Land of Women (2007), The Accidental Husband (2007), and Over Her Dead Body (2008).

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