Long Weekend Holiday Ideas

A weekend is not a long time to take a trip, though it can be done if you live in close proximity to your destination. But a allows you to venture further afield. Of course, if your trip is aimed at relaxation, a long weekend offers ample time. whether you are alone or taking the kids, having only a is no excuse for not having a great, memorable getaway.

Head for the Water

Beaches, rivers and lakes all offer a great chance for relaxation and exploration during a long weekend getaway. Of course, this is contingent upon exactly when you’re taking your long weekend and what you’re hoping to do with it. Summer is the best time if you want to go swimming or sunbathe, though spring may also work in some warmer climates. If you want to hike or explore, you can get away with any time of year as long as you can handle the weather.
The Big City Experience

Even if you are already from a big city, each major metropolitan area has its own unique vibe. Because these big cities have so much competition for hotels and attractions, you can often find big discounts. Big cities generally have great public transportation, saving you money on a car rental. Whether you are closer to Chicago or New York, the excitement of the big city is almost always just a short flight away, and more affordable than you may think.
Relax at a

Some people go to a spa to relax, others to detox or begin a diet. A three- or four-day weekend is the perfect amount of time for a spa visit. Spas can be enjoyed individually or as a group, and there are countless spas located across the country. Cutting down on time means more time at the spa for massages, facials, body wraps, sauna time and much more. Each spa has its own set of activities and treatments, with many offering signature treatments only available there.

Though the vineyards of California offer a plethora of wine-related tourism, wine enclaves are popping up all over the country. Texas, for example, has quite a few wineries making a splash in the industry, and Washington is the nation’s No. 2 wine-producing state. Look for a package that includes your hotel stay and tours of several wineries. You may even find packages that include airfare, a car rental and discounts on wine purchases. This gives you the chance to try before you buy and stock up on what you love in case you can’t find it when you get home.

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