Lori Loughlin Biography (1964-)

Well known as a TV sitcom , has also appeared in numerous features and TV movies. The Queens-born and Long Island-raised brunette entered show business as a model and TV commercial in her early teens. Loughlin was cast on the daytime drama Edge of Night at age 15, staying with the show from 1979 to 1982. Moving on to films, Loughlin appeared in the horror sequel Amityville 3-D (1983), the romantic comedy Secret Admirer (1985), the thriller The New Kids (1985), and the Frankie Avalon-Annette Funicello retro-romp Back to the Beach (1987). Loughlin, however, became a primetime TV celebrity as one of the stars of the long-running family sitcom Full House. While she was on the show from 1987 to 1995, Loughlin also starred in several TV movies, including the critically praised drama Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992) with a pre-Ace Ventura Jim Carrey. After she finished Full House, Loughlin continued to appear on TV, starring in the single-season show Hudson Street (1995-1996), and several telefilms, including Abandoned and Deceived (1995), In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory (1997), and Tell Me No Secrets (1997). Loughlin also appeared in the straight-to-video sequel Casper, A Spirited Beginning (1997) and indie film Suckers (1999). Taking time off in the late ’90s to start a family, Loughlin is married and has two children.

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