Megan Park Biography (1986-)

A native of Lindsay, Ontario, Canadian first showed an interest in drama at age seven, when she aggressively persuaded her parents to let her perform in a regional production of The Sound of Music. The experience only fortified her love of acting, and she thus deepened and expanded her professional resumé in the years to follow, with extensive work in the London, Ontario-based Original Kids Theatre Company. By the age of 15, Park signed with a Toronto agent and landed parts in two series — The Blobheads and Ace Lightning — in addition to a plum role in the ABC-Disney telemovie This Time Around (2003). Park took several steps up in terms of intended audience and mature subject matter with her lead performance as a syphilis-infected adolescent in the Lifetime original movie She’s Too Young (2004), and took her feature bow that same year with a supporting turn in Gail Harvey’s period drama Some Things That Stay. Park’s breakthrough year, however, arrived in 2007 — with prominent supporting roles in two very different A-list features: Jon Poll’s adolescence-themed satire Charlie Bartlett and George Romero’s zombie gorefest Diary of the Dead.

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