Molly Culver Biography (1967-)

Molly was raised in the Bay Area. Her father was a Navy Jet pilot, dentist, and anthropologist; and her mother was a nurse. “My grandmother on my dad’s side is a full blooded Native American, Choctaw and Chicasaw and my mother is Welsh with fire red hair and green eyes. The combo worked out!”

She has an older sister and two brothers and grew up a tomboy. “My brothers and sisters were competitive but at the same time, we’d go home and we’d still love each other, so that was a lesson in sportsmanship.” So it’s not surprising Molly is an avid golfer, motorcyclist and all around athlete.

At the age of 18 Molly was already traveling the world modeling and gracing the pages of American Vogue, Australian Vogue and the like. “Living in New York and Paris was the best time of my life.” Culver says, “And it just seemed natural fazing out modeling for a career in front of a film camera. And commercials were so fun! I couldn’t believe they were paying me to goof around with deodorant or potato chips.”

After booking some fifty commercials while living in NY she decided to head to Hollywood. “I spent some time taking acting and improv classes. I knew time is of the essence in this arena, so I went for it!” She landed the hit show V.I.P. starring Pamela Anderson after just a few months. “I know how lucky I was, but I was ready for it.” V.I.P. kept Molly busy for 4 years. “We worked so hard on that show I didn’t know how to get anywhere unless it was on a crew map!”

When V.I.P. ended Molly thought she was going to take it easy for a little while. “I was taking some time off just riding my motorcycles when an opportunity of a lifetime came around. Dirt Rider Adventures.” Culver hosted the show on OLN for 2 years. “What a blast it was to travel all around the world taking motorcycle adventures!” She also spent some time hosting the AMA supermoto series also on OLN.  “Not only was it a chance to get better at something I loved but it was an opportunity to show that women rock on a bike!” Both V.I.P. and Dirt Rider Adventures are in syndication around the world.

married in 2006 and later that year engaged in a role of a lifetime. “Being a mom is a crazy thing,” she says. “ All the cliches are true. My husband is a stuntman and we both spend a lot of time outdoors. We just take this little guy with us and he brightens up our lives by just being around!” Balancing the two? We asked. “It wasn’t hard to take a couple of years off and stay local to be near my son, but now I’m ready to take on a little more. I think most mom’s are natural multitaskers!” She laughs.

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