Organize a Homeschooling Parents’ Group

often benefit from and enjoy group activities. Support groups are a great way to share field trips, clubs, classes, tutors and more.


1.Avoid reinventing the wheel. Homeschooling grows more popular every year, and all kinds of homeschooler groups exist in almost every region of the country. You can find local groups, e-mail discussion lists and more detailed information on starting a group through the National Home Education Network.
2.Decide what you’re looking for most: support for yourself, support for your children, or just some like-minded folks with whom you can share ideas and field trip expenses.
3.If there is no local group that suits you, start your own. Stick to your convictions about group structure and rules and come up with a name. Inform other area homeschoolers through e-mail discussion lists, posting notices at local libraries, churches, rec centers and community groups such as YMCAs and scouting clubs.
4.Plan an activity for your first meeting that will get everyone involved right away, such as signing up for group discount tickets and carpooling to a local educational attraction.
5.Form a network rather than a structured group. Many groups find that stringent rules, elected officers, voting and requirements divert group members’ energy away from planning events and having fun.
6.Consider a Calendar of Events instead of publishing a newsletter, which is time-consuming.
7.Remind yourself that you don’t have to take care of everyone’s needs. If you feel like you’re burning out, take a break. The world won’t come to an end if there’s no field trip for the month.

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