Philip Markoff Biography (1986 – 2010)

Infamous Person. Born February 12, 1986. is a 22-year-old second year medical student at Boston University. Markoff grew up in Sherill, New York, outside of Syracuse and went to Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central School, where he was on the bowling team, youth court and history club. He was also in the National Honor Society. He is believed to be the son of a dentist and an educator-turned-casino worker.

Markoff attended the University of Albany, where he received a bachelor’s degree in biology. It was there that he met fellow pre-med student Megan McAllister. She was a senior, and Markoff was a sophomore. The two became involved after they met during some volunteer work at a nearby medical center emergency room. Their first date was a few months later on November 11, 2005. The couple became engaged three years later, and their wedding was set for August 14, 2009, in Long Branch, New Jersey.

After their undergraduate studies, Markoff and McAllister moved to the Boston area to attend medical school at Boston University. They lived in Quincy, Massachusetts, in the High Point apartment complex.

Markoff’s idyllic plans came to a halt on April 20, 2009, however, when was he was arrested during a traffic stop south of Boston. According to reports, Markoff and McAllister were headed to a local casino with several thousand dollars in cash. Markoff, who was under police surveillance for several days before the arrest, was accused of murder, armed robbery and kidnapping. He reportedly has no previous criminal record.

According to law officials, Markoff answered a Craigslist ad for massage services. He met 26-year-old masseuse and former call girl Julissa Brisman at the Copley Marriot on April 14, 2009. Brisman was found unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds at the hotel later that evening. She was transferred to Boston Medical Center, where she died from her injuries. Police say the confrontation between Brisman and her killer seemed to have begun as an attempted robbery, and ended when Brisman fought the zip tie restraints that bound her.

Surveillance videos from the hotel where Brisman was slain showed a tall, clean-cut, young blond man in a black windbreaker matching Markoff’s description leaving the property. An electronic trail allegedly linked Markoff to another robbing of a second woman at the Westin Hotel in Boston. Cops say the previous attack occurred on April 10, when a 29-year-old woman advertising as an exotic dancer on Craigslist was attacked, bound, and robbed of both her debit card and $800 in cash. Police in Rhode Island also think Markoff tried to rob a woman at a Holiday Inn last week. He has not been charged in this incident.

There is current speculation that Markoff was attempting to pay several outstanding gambling debts, but this accusation has not been confirmed. Officials say when Boston University learned of the charges against Markoff, he was suspended. The accused was arraigned on murder charges on Tuesday, April 21, 2009. Markoff pled “not guilty,” and is being held without bail while he awaits trial. No family members appeared for his arraignment.

After the hearing, police received a search warrant for Markoff’s home. Officials say they found a semi-automatic weapon inside a hollowed-out copy of the medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, duct tape and restraints in the suspect’s apartment. The story took yet another twist when NBC News reported that Markoff also answered the Craigslist ad of a man seeking a transsexual hookup, and included photos of himself. The rendezvous never occurred, and the man contacted Boston cops when he compared news photos of Markoff to the shots on his computer.

Markoff’s fiancée continued to stand by him, making a public statement declaring her enduring faithfulness to her betrothed. “I just can only hope that the criminal justice system will not be overwhelmed and persuaded by what is being put forth in the media,” said McAllister. “My fiancée’s fate should not rest in the court of public opinion, but rather in a court of law.” McAllister left Markoff later that month, however, leading the prison system to place the suspect on watch.

On August 15, 2010, law enforcement officials found Markoff dead in his jail cell after an apparent suicide. Officials discovered his body exactly a day after what would have been the one-year anniversary of his canceled wedding. Markoff allegedly suffocated himself with a plastic bag, and severed one of his arteries. No suicide note was found at the scene.

Alleged “Craigslist Killer” Philip Markoff took his own life over the weekend while awaiting trial at Nashua Street Jail. Markoff cut one of several major arteries with a pen, then suffocated himself with a plastic bag. Prison officials found Markoff’s body on Sunday morning. He was pronounced dead by the Massachusetts Suffolk County district attorney’s office at 10:15 a.m. that same day. His death comes exactly a day after what would have been the one-year anniversary of his canceled wedding.

Markoff was awaiting trial in the death of 25-year-old Julissa Brisman, a masseuse who placed an ad in Craigslist advertising her services, as well as charges of armed robbery in a case involving a Las Vegas woman. Markoff had pleaded not guilty in both cases. His next court appearance was scheduled for mid-September.

Officials said they did not yet know if Markoff left a note, but investigators are looking into how Markoff obtained the plastic bag.

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