Piggy Bank

No one invented the . The piggy banks’ origin owes more to the history of language, than to an individual inventor. In old english (around the 15th century) there was a word “pygg” which referred to a type of orange clay. People made all kinds of useful objects out of clay, including dishes and jars to hold spare change. Around the 18th century, the word “pygg” now sounded the same as the word for the animal “pig”. An unknown person(s) thought to shape a “pygg” jar, to look just like a real “pig”. Perhaps an order came in for a “pygg” jar and the potter misunderstood.

First Birthday – Piggy Bank
Piggy banks have been around for generations, they make great gifts and heirlooms, but did you know that children choke every year on coins given to them to put in their piggy banks. Start teaching your child the value of early with out the hazard of choking on real with this plush piggy bank.

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