Places to Go in the First Year of Marriage

The first year of is a special time of getting to know each other on a deeper level, focusing on building a life together and creating memories. Spend that magical first year visiting special together. Visit locations that have special meaning to you or visit new to create new memories.

Memorable Locations

Revisit the location of where you and your new spouse met for the first time. Bring a camera to capture a picture of the place as it looks now. Also revisit other memorable locations, such as the place you ate together on your first date, the location of your first kiss or the exact spot where you got engaged. Consider recreating your first date or your engagement day.
Wedding Location

The place you became man and wife will always hold a special place in your heart. Revisit this location during your . Allow time to walk around and laugh over the silly moments and cry over the touching moments of your special wedding day. Take a picture at the place where you exchanged vows or where you had your wedding pictures taken.
Dream Location

Consider visiting a special dream location during your first year of marriage. Many couples discuss their dream vacation spot during their courtship. For some, this may be an exotic tropical island, while other couples may wish to visit an ancient city. The first year of marriage is an ideal time to visit the dream vacation location. If the place is far away, stay a few nights and turn the visit into a second honeymoon.
Other Ideas

A couple can revisit their honeymoon location in the early years of their marriage or even for a first anniversary. Other locations to visit include visiting each spouse’s extended family or hometown, or reliving college days by visiting their college campuses. A couple may also choose to visit a new state or city that they may want to relocate to before setting down roots as a married couple.

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