Preschool Toy Ideas

Preschoolers are ready to conquer the world. Their increasing mobility means that they are searching for challenging toys and equipment to stimulate their desire to explore. Their minds are developing, and toys that encourage problem solving and cognitive and creative thinking are a great way to keep them occupied. Spend some time reading about ideas for choosing toys that can be enjoyed for years, and that grow with your .

    Physical Activity

Encouraging preschoolers to move around is a great way to build a foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. Watch him blossom physically by buying toys like a tricycle or bicycle. Preschoolers love to pedal, and cycling is a great way to explore. Buy orange plastic cones and make a bicycle track or use the cones to make a running track. Toys such as wheelbarrows, hula hops and balls help him to develop gross motor skills. Wheelbarrows can be loaded with soft toys and taken to a pretend party. Balls come in a wide range of size and textures. Choose a ball that is not round, like an Oball, to capture his attention. This ball is made of hard plastic shell and it is great for rolling since it moves a bit slower than a round ball.
    Socal Play

Introduce her to toys that encourage her to engage in pretend play. Toys like cardboard playhouses are fun places for role-playing. Some cardboard houses are made of brown cardboard, and you can decorate the house together. Let her and her friend use things like cloths and old curtains to decorate the inside of the house. Playing with marionette string puppets is fun. A cardboard puppet theater means that preschoolers can create their own play. Toys castles encourage the desire to play with knights, dragons and princesses.

Preschoolers are curious about music. Inspire him to make his own music by buying some music toys. Listen to him discover his own beat by giving his a small drum set or xylophones. There is a wide selection of bells that can provide hours of fun preparing for a family concert. Chooses castanets, tone blocks, jingle bells, hand bells or tambourines to encourage him to move while making music. You can buy craft material and make your own maracas or rhythm stick.

Puzzles are challenging toys that promote the development of problem-solving skills. She needs flexible thinking and persistence to solve puzzles. She also practices her fine motor skills by picking up, manipulating and fitting pieces together. Large-piece puzzles are suitable for the younger preschooler. Select puzzles in bright colors with themes that she likes, such as pets or butterflies. Smaller-piece puzzles are suitable for older preschoolers. Chooses puzzle with finer details, and let her practice matching colors on different pieces. Making your own puzzles of a photo of her or a pet is also a great way to provide hours of fun learning.

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