Princess Victoria of Sweden Biography (1977-)

Princess VictoriaCrown Princess of , Duchess of Vastergotland, born Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree, on July 14, 1977, in Stockholm, . She is the eldest child born to King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. lives at Drottningholm Palace, outside Stockholm, with her family, which also includes her brother, Prince Carl Philip (b. 1979), and her sister, Princess Madeleine (b. 1982). Prior to ’s birth, Swedish law dictated an agnatic succession, meaning that the throne would be inherited by the first male born to the King and Queen. However, this changed in 1979, when the Swedish parliament voted to secure succession rights for the first born, regardless of gender, and Victoria became heir.

Growing up, Victoria excelled at school and at outdoor sport, and her childhood was relatively private; required royal appearances were kept to a minimum. Still, the pressure of being in the public eye, and the desire to succumb to the public’s ideal of beauty, weighed heavily on the young princess. When Princess Victoria was twenty, rumors persisted about her withering frame, and the royal family eventually issued a statement which confirmed that she suffered from an eating disorder, and that she was seeking treatment.

Though the title and responsibilities required of a princess in Sweden are ceremonial, rather than political, in nature, Victoria has pursued studies in political science, taken special courses in Swedish parliament with the prime minister, and attended UN sessions, determined to be a worthy and knowledgeable representative of her country. She has studied abroad in France, Germany, and the U.S.

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