Salary of Student Nurse Tech

Anyone who has ever been admitted to a hospital or visited someone there knows how important nurses are. While a number of people assist the patients, for example, transporters, doctors and case workers, nurses are the backbone of patient care. In many cases, the person that cares for the patients is a technician, a nursing student or graduate who has not received a nursing license from their state.


Student technicians prepare for their careers at nursing schools. The nursing school program is a nine-month course. At the end of the program, students take an examination that culminates in their receiving a Technician Certificate. While completion of the exam is not a requirement, employers tend to look for students who are certified techs.

The median salary for technicians in the health care field is $52,580, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, as with any professional, a technician’s salary varies, based upon such factors as experience and benefits. In addition, salaries are contingent upon location as well as the health care facility with which one is affiliated.
    Demographics Factors

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that technicians’ salaries vary, according to where one lives. In California, technicians have a median annual salary of $72,370. By contrast, the median annual income for a technician in Pennsylvania is $50,530. Technicians living in Tennessee and Illinois earn less than techs in the aforementioned states, $44,510 and $45,930, respectively. Technicians should, therefore, think about such factors as the cost of living when considering relocation.
    Industry Factors

The technicians’ salaries are based on the industries with which they are affiliated. Whereas the median salary for a working in a general medical hospital is $51,190, a working in a physician’s office will earn $53,330. If you compare those salaries with the salaries of technicians who work in management consulting firms, technicians working in the latter’s offices will earn as much as $85,000 as median salaries, according to the BLS.
    Final Consideration

Other factors that technicians want to consider are the number of available jobs and best salaries. While more employment opportunities are available in Rhode Island and Louisiana, Maryland and California pay technicians the best salaries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Techs living in Maryland and California earn $80,710 and $72,370, respectively. However, Rhode Island and Louisiana have higher than average employment opportunities, followed by Illinois, New Mexico and Tennessee.

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